I charge $375 an hour for everything I do, including our initial meeting.  That initial meeting is extremely important.  Usually, the key to any case I handle is found in something that is said to me by my client within the first five or ten minutes of that meeting.   I realize my hourly rate is lower than the rate charged by many attorneys with my experience, however, I think I take a little more time when listening to clients, deciding what advice to give, and communicating that advice to clients.  I don’t claim to be less expensive than other attorneys overall.  I will require a deposit toward attorney fees, often several thousand dollars.  If you are not able to pay the deposit, I may refer you to the Oregon State Bar, which might be able to refer you to attorneys who would be willing to represent you for a lower fee.  I will assume that you expect me to promptly perform your legal services and I will expect prompt payment of your bill.